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Nutraceutical Manufacturer Services:

Flexx Appeal, Inc. has fulfilled nutritional manufacturing needs since 1987 for small and large nutritional companies, chain drug, natural foods and nutritional centers domestic and international. We have the lowest manufacturing prices while guaranteeing only the highest quality standards (G.M.P. in a pharmaceutical processing environment), reliability and prompt service is our specialty. Flexx Appeal, Inc. is committed to producing the highest quality formulations in nutritional vitamin supplement capsules, nutritional vitamin supplement tablets, nutritional supplement powders, nutritional vitamin supplement liquids, and herbal supplements for your customers in the world marketplace. We provide our customers with formulation consultation and custom blending and laboratory services. All contract manufactured products are prepared precisely to your label claim in the most efficient manufacturing environment. We also are able to help you with all of your packaging needs including label and packaging manufacturing.

Manufacturing Capacity and Order Fulfillment:

Flexx Appeal, Inc. has the best high speed machinery for manufacturing nutritional tablets and nutritional capsules. We are able to produce over 15 million tablets per day and 10 million capsules per day. Our current blending capabilities are 10 thousand kgs. per day. Flexx Appeal, Inc. can produce most orders and be ready for delivery in two to three weeks.

Our high quality standards are trusted by our vitamin and supplement nutritional customers. Every aspect of the vitamin manufacturing and supplement manufacturing process is tested and documented for safety. All of our nutraceutical manufacturing processes are reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that these processes meet and exceed stringent nutraceutical quality standards.

We customize, formulate and supply: We offer a complete range of services:
  • Nutritional Supplement Tablets:  Glazed Film Coated, Sugar Coated, Enteric Coated, Layered Tablets and Time Released

  • Chewable, Nutritional Tablets for children and adults

  • Hard Gelatin Nutritional Supplement Capsules: 
    #1, #2, #3, #4, #0 & #00

  • Nutritional Liquid Vitamins

  • Organic Formulations

  • Kosher Nutritional Supplement Manufacturing

  • Nutritional Liquid Supplements

  • Nutritional Powder Blends

  • Private Label Vitamins

  • Private Label Supplements

  • Manufacturing of nutritional supplements and nutritional powders for sports and fitness

  • Laboratory Services

  • Formulation of nutritional supplements and nutritional powders for sports and fitness

  • Tableting and Encapsulation of natural weight loss herbals and minerals

  • Bottle Labeling

  • Packaging and Labeling Capabilities: Blister Packs, Bottles Retail Cartons, etc.

For additional information contact us and we will be glad to help with all your nutritional manufacturing needs.


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