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Confused by the weight loss supplement puzzle?

Consumer Health Digest profiles popular weight loss supplements. How do they stack up to one another? Which products are based more on hype than actual effectiveness? Don't shop until you read our latest up to date "Weight Loss Supplements Reviewed" exposť.

ConsumerHealthDigest.com by Ernest Carbone III, BS, I.F.P.A. - CPT, CSNC

Purchasing any kind of diet or weight loss supplement without the knowledge you'll read about here is literally throwing your hard earned money out the window.

There are hundreds of weight loss products on the market today. Just turn on your television or flip through any magazine and you will get bombarded with ads for products that claim unbelievable weight loss results. With all of the hype, it's impossible to tell what's what and which products are based more on marketing hype rather than true effectiveness.

There is no question that some of these products offer the potential for real weight loss benefits. The scientific research on the association between supplements and weight loss is accumulating rapidly. Unfortunately, unfounded or exaggerated claims leads to confusion for the consumer. Having adequate information about the efficacy and safety of weight loss products is paramount to making a well-informed decision.

With those facts in mind, realize one of the most important facts is if you're overweight, you probably eat too much. By "too much," we mean more than your body needs. Your body needs a certain amount of calories to keep itself going, and if you eat more than that amount, you will gain weight. For an effective weight loss product to assist you in making weight loss occur faster and easier, it would need to increase lipolysis and/or fat oxidation. It would also need to aid in reducing one's appetite.

In this article, we offer our readers a comprehensive list and evaluation of those diet supplements which we feel have the greatest potential to help you burn off the fat quickly, effectively and safely. We looked at hundreds of weight loss products from the most popular name brands to the nondescript ones. We focused on each product's ingredient quality, metabolic enhancing potential, and the ability to safely suppress one's appetite, and we ranked each product accordingly.

The list we composed will provide the absolute best products that we could find. These products are ones that we feel offer the most safe and effective weight loss potential on the market today, as well as offering the consumer the best value. You may not see the product you use or are interested in using on this listóchances are it did not rank in the top 25. We are constantly reexamining and updating our rankings because of the availability of new products all the time.

Here is the list of products, which we hope you will find helpful.

*Special thanks to my entire staff for all of the countless hours they help to spend on researching and evaluating products.


ConsumerHealthDigest.com by Ernest Carbone III, BS, I.F.P.A. - CPT, CSNC

All Natural Sleep Aid Products Expert Review

Most adults have experienced insomnia or sleeplessness at one time or another in their lives. An estimated 30-50% of the general population is affected by insomnia, and 10% have chronic insomnia.

Many physicians have prescribed sleep medications, only to find out that they were associated with significant side effects. These drugs may cause morning drowsiness or sleep that lacks natural rejuvenating properties. So what is one to do?

There is a method to sleeping through the night without having to rely on heavy medication. There are a few natural aids sleep aids are safe and can be used with confidence. In our annual review of natural sleep aids, we highlight some of these naturopathic products. When taken properly and for the right reasons, natural supplements can be very effective in improving the quality and quantity of your sleep, with little or no side effects.

Most Consumers Are Confused About Which Sleep Aid Products to Take

Are Prescription Sleeping Pills Worth The Potential Risks? With so many types of prescription sleep aid medications on the market today how do you choose? Are they even right for your particular sleeping problem? Will you risk the potential dangerous side effects by using them? For millions of Americans the answer is a resounding NO! They have decided that the risks for dependency and worsening of the insomnia are far too great and they are turning to natural sleep aid products.

Natural Sleep Aid Product Update

Again this year, we have taken the time and researched some of the most popular natural sleep products on the market to try to find the answers for you. The truth is, some products contain subpar ingredients and ineffective amounts to be really effective. There are a few, however, with research and ultra grade ingredients in them that prove that they work and are extremely effective. In our annual Consumer Health Digest Natural Sleep Aid Products Reviewed we offer an insightful look at these products, so that consumers can make better informed educated decisions when purchasing sleep aid products.

Only A Few Products Make The Cut Again This Year

When we originally reviewed the natural sleep aid products, we focused on those products that showed the potential to:

  • Normalize sleep patterns.

  • Promote "deep sleep".

  • Relax muscles and calm nerves.

  • Reduce restlessness and feelings of anxiety.

  • Promote fast and satisfying sleep.

We further examined each product's ingredients/percentages/formulation properties contained within. After review of the scientific literature, we chose only safe, natural products that had studies showing sleep aid support.

Only those products that met our criteria are listed in the results.